17 Lip Balms You’ll Want to Slather on This Winter


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Many of you are probably headed home for Thanksgiving this week, which is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s Thanksgiving! That means no work, yummy food, and sweater weather. On the other hand, it’s Thanksgiving, a full day of awkward meals with your passive aggressive relatives. No matter your outlook, though, these 11 things happening in TV and movies this week will improve your holiday break. Suggest watching one of these films or Netflix shows as a way to bond with your family…or as an excuse to get away. The choice is yours.

It’s Joe Biden’s seventy-fifth birthday, and Barack Obama just celebrated it by creating his own version of those iconic Obama-Biden friendship memes. The former president of the United States uploaded a picture of himself to Twitter giving a televised speech while the former VP grins and points at the audience in the background with this stellar caption:

It's really never fair to judge people because none of us know what's going on inside anyone else's head.

American Fashion Designer Tom Ford

By now you know the former POTUS and VPOTUS have been the stars of many, many online memes commemorating their endearing relationship, contrasting Obama’s cool presidential poise with Biden’s kooky vibes.

Biden himself is a fan, telling NBC News earlier this year that he’s still not over the Internet’s creativity, and even has favorites. „A couple of ones I liked were ones where I was trying on Ray Bans and he’s lying on the couch and I turn around and I said, ‘Which ones do you like?’ And he looks at me and says, ‘Joe, Joe, come on, focus here,'“ he said in the interview. He’s also quite partial to the ones of him pranking Trump.

The letter is signed by 36 women who include former SNL writers, production assistants, producers, and cast members. Although NBC made the letter public on Monday morning, it’s already been harshly criticized. Twitter users have particularly zoomed in on the section about „inappropriate behavior,“ saying that Franken not harassing his colleagues doesn’t preclude him from harassing someone else. Others have compared the letter to Dunham’s defense of Miller and the slew of female Fox News anchors who defended Roger Ailes, who resigned following allegations of sexual harassment.

The gorgeous necklace wasn’t Middleton’s only „something borrowed“ at the platinum anniversary party. She also reportedly wore a pair of pearl and diamond earrings that Princess Di received as a wedding present in 1981, and that Middleton first donned at a state banquet this past summer.

Middleton paired her jewels with a black Diane von Furstenberg floor-length lace gown that she’s worn several times before: to a gala at Kensington Palace earlier this month; when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte in 2014; and to a friend’s wedding later on in 2014. Although Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle, was once spotted wearing a shortened version of this dress to a red-carpet event, it probably doesn’t make this another case of Middleton’s style borrowing, since that was in February 2012, well before Markle was on Middleton’s radar.

 Riverdale may be taking the week of Thanksgiving off, but there are still plenty of theories and conspiracies to feast on before it returns November 29. For one, there’s the never-ending mystery of the Black Hood’s identity and how Betty will cope with the reveal of the man or woman behind the mask. There’s also Fred Andrews, who may not be out of the woods after he was nearly gunned down by the Black Hood in the season two premiere.

Len Goodman called Frankie and Witney’s Argentine Tango fantastic, and Carrie Ann said it was a „bigger and better performance“ than when they performed it the first time. I’m glad he’s on the DWTS tour this winter. America needs this Surprise, surprise, only Jordan could make a Salsa and Paso Doble fusion look like a walk in the park. Carrie Ann summed it up: „There’s not much else to say. Your skills are out of this world.“ Yep. The End.

Dancing to Wham! has never looked so good. Mark and Lindsey scored a perfect 30 to „Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,“ but perhaps most impressive was the rehearsal package that aired right before that detailed Lindsey’s journey.

If it wasn’t obvious from night one of Dancing With the Stars, then it is now: Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold are your new DWTS champions. The Hamilton star succeeds reigning season 24 champ Rashad Jennings as the latest celebrity to get a new doorstop Mirrorball. Len Goodman said Jordan is „the most complete male celebrity ever on Dancing With the Stars,“ while Bruno Tonioli praised him as being „right up there with the best we’ve ever seen on this show.“ The win also marks Lindsay’s first Mirrorball trophy in six seasons. She previously came in fourth with Wanya Morris, third with Calvin Johnson, Jr., and second with David Ross.

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